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FRP bypass tool is the best and easiest way to unlock the FRP lock from any android smartphone or tablet. When we talk about FRP bypass tool, it simply means Factory Reset Protection or Google account verification remover from Android devices.

Well, whereas FRP lock is a type of security method which is used to protect your device and its data, in case it gets stolen. If somebody tries to reset your device, your smartphone or tablet will ask for the Google Account’s credentials which were used to log in earlier by you or the owner of the device.

Now, it would be wise to say that every feature has merits as well as demerits. FRP lock can sometimes be pretty cumbersome for an array of users who have a habit of forgetting the passwords.

It might be a case that you’ve reset your phone and you forgot the password. In that scenario, you’ll end up having a bricked mobile in your hands.

Its human nature to forget things and passwords are no exception to that. Forgetting the google account details is possible. If you have a locked mobile with FRP login requirement, then worry not, you can make use of a magical and effective way of unlocking your smartphone without any problem using FRP bypass tool.

What to do if you have FRP locked device?

This is where the FRP bypass tool comes to your rescue. As the Android development progress, FRP i.e. factory reset protection has been made a standard protection service for all the devices from Android Lollipop to Android 5.0 to Oreo 8.0. An array of smartphone manufacturers like Motorola, Samsung Galaxy, LG, Huawei, Alcatel, Nokia, Sony Xperia, HTC and more have inculcated the feature in their stock Android.

So, if you’re a user with a FRP lock device, don’t worry. In this article, we’ll talk about how to use FRP bypass tool and how can you initiate Samsung FRP tool download as well.

FRP Bypass Tool: Simple & Sophisticated

It’s not at all advisable to make use of any kind of OTG cable or software like Odin, RealTerm etc. For the purpose of removing the FRP lock, you can make use of an FRP bypass tool for PC. You can simply look up for Samsung FRP tool for PC both works the same.

Step 1: This is the prime step which requires you to surf this website to download a “FRP Bypass tool” and install it on your PC.

FRP Lock Tool

The second thing required is to download the Samsung USB drivers. Now, power off your smartphone and press the combination of Volume Down + Power Button + Home Button at the same time.

At this time, you’ll end up with a screen showing a warning icon. It might display something like a Custom OS can cause problems for the smartphone as well as applications installed in the same.

If you wish to download a custom OS, you’re required to press the Volume UP key, else, press the Volume down key for cancelling the process. Now, press the Volume UP button to boot your android smartphone in the download mode to make it connect with the FRP bypass tool.

FRP Bypass Tool remove FRP lock from Android Devices:

Step 2: Step 2 is all about installing the USB drivers on your computer and connecting your smartphone to your PC with the help of a USB cable.

Step 3: Right click on My Computer and click on the properties at the bottom of the pop-up menu. Once the new screen appears, look up for Device Manager and click on it.

Step 4: The next step is to make sure that your device is connected to a computer, you can click on the array of modems listed to make sure that your device is connected or not.

Step 5: Now, you need to download the “FRP bypass tool” in your pc and open it. Look up for some option like Support & Options. In the phone model tab, you’re then required to select your smartphone’s model number. Once, you’re done with that, click on the select button.

Step 6: Now that you’ve installed the Samsung FRP bypass tool, the next step is to click on Reset FRP option. You will probably find the option listed at the second last position in the list.

Step 7: Once you click on Rest FRP, you might get a screen with a message that ADB must be enabled to proceed further. You can click on OK and can enable the ADB and try again.

Step 8: Once you’re through, you will see a log section of the FRP tool. A message like Searching for the device or waiting for an ADB device might be on display in the log.

Step 9: Now, go to Actions section and click on the “x Cancel” button. Now, in the same section, look-up for Reset FRP or reactivation option and click on it.

Step 10: When you press the Reset FRP lock button, a pop-up message will be generated. The message will inform the user that FRP Resetting or reactivation will delete all user data stored on the phone.

If you’re looking forward to unlocking your device, then press YES. Otherwise, you can still cancel and roll-back.

Once, you press YES, the process of wiping-off the data will start and in a couple of seconds, your smartphone would be free from the FRP lock installed.

Thus, FRP bypass tool can be pretty helpful if you want to unlock your device without any hassle.


Although FRP Bypass methods are solely based on practical experimentation. The method works on over 95% of the devices at times. A ‘FRP Bypass tool’ also supports smartphones from various device manufacturers like Motorola, LG, Samsung, OnePlus and more.

It’s also advised that if you don’t find compatibility of your device with the FRP bypass tool, then kindly don’t try to initiate an unlocking process. Looking up for FRP Bypass tools especially for your device is the key to a splendid FRP bypass removal process.

Is it really worth it?

We can say with the introduction of FRP security feature in the devices, it’s of utmost importance to remember your devices’ Google ID as well as password. Stealing has become less valuable with the introduction of the same.

The problem arises when you reset your own phone. But, the above-mentioned process and tools are available at your disposal if you’re looking forward to unlocking your device from the FRP lock.

Therefore, a higher level security patch in the form of a “FRP bypass tool” can be bypassed with added ease with the help of a proficient Samsung FRP bypass tool. The guide has covered all the necessary step and prior insight required to carry a successful device unlock endeavor.



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