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FRP Bypass from your android device easily by following this free guide. Factory Reset Protection or FRP lock is a security feature which works to make sure that the factory reset (Hard Reset) option of the device is not used for resetting it.

It protects after hard resetting your device from accessing its data,contacts and other important files until or unless device owner login with the Google Account which was previously synced.

Fed up of the popup regarding FRP bypass asking you to verify your Google account or to set up your device again? Well, you surely are at the right place then.

The Factory Reset or (Hard Reset) option uses as the rescue when it comes to bypassing a locked screen, or when it comes to selling the device. In this case factory reset plays a great role.

FRP Bypass Details:

Method Name:FRP Bypass
Alternative Name:FRP Bypass Download
FRP Bypass Tool APK
Android Version Support:Android Lollipop 5
Android Marshmallow 6
Android Nougat 7
Android Oreo 8
Android Devices Support:Samsung Galaxy
Huawei Phone
LG Phone
Sony Phone
Alcatel Phone
Nokia Phone
Method Update Working:Works Perfectly
6:06 PM 11/25/2018
Uploaded on:11/25/2018

Along with the security updates, the FRP bypass lock has to be removed or bypassed from the device so that you can use the device without any interruptions again.

With the launch of the new Android Lollipop 5.1 or other latest versions, FRP bypass lock is now made a stand on the devices and this change stands not only for the Samsung Galaxy phones but also for many other manufacturers like Huawei, Alcatel, LG, HTC, and Motorola etc.

So, talking specifically about the Samsung Galaxy smartphone and tablet, there can be many reasons and many different methods to “Bypass FRP Lock” from the device. We have provided below a list of methods for “FRP Bypass” from your device according to the situation you are facing.

  1. How to Remove FRP lock from Android Device:

The first case is when your device is working fine and you want to factory reset it. If you don’t want to get locked by the FRP bypass lock then follow these steps to remove FRP lock from your device:

i) Start your phone, from the Home screen swipe down and then go to settings.

ii) In the settings menu, select users and accounts option and then click on Google accounts.

iii) Tap on the account name that you want to remove from the appearing list.

iv) Click on remove account option.

vi) This will easily remove the FRP bypass lock of your Google account. By this method, you can easily remove the FRP lock from your device before selling it to someone else. The method would also help in opening your new owner’s account if you have forgotten the credentials of the old one.

  1. FRP lock pops up even after the device is reset:

Sometimes the users may face a situation where they have already reset their device and still the FRP lock pops-up on the screen. The following steps would explain the simplest approach to get rid of this problem and do the “FRP bypass” of your device easily:

i) As soon as you open your device after the factory reset, a screen will appear asking for your Google account verification.


ii) Google suggestions can be used here by you, type any random word in the search box and then keep pressing the search icon until the device takes you to the Google search for the search result of the random word that you had typed.

iii) Now type “settings” in the search bar and click on it as soon as it appears on the screen.

iv) Now, in the settings menu, click on the Reset option and then click on “Reset Phone or Erase everything” that would appear on a prompt followed by the backup reset option.

v) By following these simple steps you have successfully bypassed the Google FRP lock.

  1. FRP Bypass using WiFi connection:

Here is another method to get rid of the FRP lock pop-ups appearing even after you have reset your device:

i) The main difference in the previous method and this one is that you require an internet connection in this method.

ii) When you come to the Google account verification screen, type any random or meaningful word in the search bar and click on sign in. As soon as you click o sign in, remove the Wi-Fi connections from your device. After that, you’ll come through a pop up saying “couldn’t sign in”.

iii) What comes as a great fact is that, you can ignore this pop-up and can tap on next. Once you’re through you’ll see the page with a name tag of Google services.

iv) Now again connect your device to the internet and then click on the privacy policy mentioned on the Google services screen.

v) Scroll down and click hold any word for around 2-3 seconds. After that, you will get three options on the screen.

vi) From the three options, click on the “share” option to continue this will help you to “FRP bypass” your device.

vii) An icon of setup wizard will appear on the screen. Keep clicking on that icon until an Application info window appears.

viii) Click on the data option followed by “clear data” and then go back and click on the “force stop” option.

ix) Now finally go back to the setup screen and keep clicking on the next button until you see a message saying “not signed in” and at this point in the process restart your device.

x) Great, you have successfully bypassed the Google FRP and you can now use your phone without any FRP interruptions.

  1. Remove Google Account or FRP lock:

The absolute solution is one such all-in-one method that will aid you to Bypass FRP lock and that too permanently, after successful execution of this, you can sign-in with any other Google account.

This method would help a lot especially when you have purchased a second-hand device in which the Google account wasn’t properly removed.

This method is the most preferred as it helps in resolving the issue permanently. Also, the method will help to permanently “deactivate FRP lock” on your device:

i) Restart your device and change the language as on the first screen and then click on “next” and then connect your device to the Wi-Fi connection.

ii) After connecting to the Wi-Fi, the Google Verification lock screen asking for your Google account Verification details will appear.

iii) To go back from this screen restart your device again.

iv) After restarting, continue according to the previous steps. After clicking on the terms and conditions page, turn off the power supply o your WiFi and you will see a screen titled “Couldn’t Sign In”.

v) Now after this click on “next” and then a screen titled “date and time” will appear now again connect to the internet connection and then set the date and time and enter your name as asked on the screen.

vi) After setting the screen lock, click next and you’ll be forwarded to a screen saying welcome.

vii) Now, you have to keep on clicking the next button until you reach the account verification screen. Here, you have to again restart your device.

viii) A screen with a screen lock and a camera icon at the bottom will appear as soon as you are done with the restart. Now click on the camera icon below.

ix) After opening the camera, you’ll see the “mode” option at the bottom left corner of the screen.

x) As soon as you click on the mode option, several more options will appear. Click o the “download” option located on the right-most corner at the bottom of the screen.

xi) After choosing the download option, the device will ask you to unlock your screen and after that, a screen will appear which would contain a list of many apps.

xii) You’ll see a search button on the top-right corner of the screen. Click on that button and search for “ES file explorer” and click on the first option appearing on the screen.

xiii) Samsung account details will be required by the device at this stage. Go on and sign in, you always have the option to create a fresh account. Click on the play icon to open the app after it is downloaded.

xiv) A new screen will appear. On the top left side of the display, an icon will appear, just tap it. Now click on the add option and then add the path to open Google page and name it as Google.

xv) Now click on the menu in the top-right corner and then click on Google.

xvi) After that, you will be directed to the Google home page and here you have to download FRP Bypass APK.

xvii) Visit the website and download the FRP bypass APK.

xviii) Select Samsung bypass google option amidst an array of options. As soon as you select this option, the file explorer will start downloading it.

xix) Now, install the app and then you’ll be directed to the settings page. At this page click on factory data reset and that’s it!

xx) Congrats, the device is now no longer protected and it’s now Google FRP free.


These methods and steps mentioned above are practically tested for “FRP bypass” and they have worked successfully in 90% of the cases. There’s no guarantee towards the device damaging though. But the methods are completely for educational purposes and aren’t meant for any illegal purposes.

This doesn’t mean that the FRP bypass solutions won’t work for any other Android devices. You can try these steps for any other Android model too. The method viable for your device is always advisable to be followed for the sake of not damaging the device.



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