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Samsung Bypass Google Verify apk is the most useful application when it comes to unlock the Factory Reset Protection (FRP lock) in any Android device. Usually, Android users don’t have any idea that their devices are secured by Factory Reset Protection until they perform a Factory Reset into their phones or tablet.

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In response, now they have to face Google account verification page to get fully access into their phones and tablet. Right away, follow this free guide to get a better knowledge of FRP lock, including: how FRP lock works, how to enable or disable FRP lock, moreover, how to remove FRP lock or use “Samsung bypass google verify apk” on Samsung Galaxy, ZTE, LG, Alcatel, Huawei and more if you forget the Gmail ID and Password of your device.

  • Part 1: How Does Samsung bypass Google verify Work
  • Part 2: How to Enable and Disable FRP lock in Android devices
  • Part 3: How to Deactivate FRP lock using Samsung Bypass Google Verify APK
  • Part 4: Use Samsung Bypass Google verify APK to Bypass Google Account Lock

Part 1: How Does Samsung Bypass Google Verify APK Work?

Samsung bypass Google verify APK, better known as Google account verification or FRP lock. It is kind of a useful feature attached into Android devices since the release of Android Lollipop 5.0. Mostly, every Android device and models are installed with this FRP lock feature.

The minute you enable FRP lock feature on your phone, at the time you or anyone else try to set up the phone after Hard Reset or Factory Reset in recovery mode, the device will ask you or them to verify your Google account credentials. You must enter Gmail ID and Password to get fully access of your device. You’ll encounter a following page:

Fortunately, the most important use of FRP lock, it’s created to make sure that no one else can easily remove the data and perform a Factory Reset into your device if the device is unfortunately lost or stolen.

Good to know this right? This feature actually makes our Android smartphones less tempting to the bad guys. Nevertheless, FRP lock can be a headache sometimes to the device’s owner specially

Let’s say, if we completely forget the FRP lock feature and sell the phone to the next user (any friend or anyone that buys the device), you maybe end up having to share your Gmail ID and its Password with the buyer of your device. Fortunately, you can easily disable FRP lock feature on your Android phone or tablet.

Part 2: How to Enable and Disable FRP Lock in Android device.

FRP lock is by default already enabled when you added a Google account to your device. For adding a new Google account details:

  • You’ve to Go to the “Settings” > then tap on “Accounts” > now tap “Add and account” > finally select “Google” option. At that time enter the Gmail ID and Password of your Google account to add the new account to your device.

On the way to disabling FRP lock, you just have to delete the previously added Google account from your device.

  • Into your Android device, just go to “Settings” > tap on “Accounts” > then select “Google”, select the Google account which you have added before already and choose “Remove account” option. By taping on this icon on the top right corner of your screen.

In conclusion, before you sellout your device to your friend or any random guy. This is our advice to remove Google account first from your android device to disable the FRP lock feature. Now you should wipe out all the data from your smartphone. Like this, your friend or anyone who buys your device can set up the smartphone without preventing by FRP lock.

Important Notice: to safe your device getting in the trouble of FRP lock, do not factory reset your device in the first 24 hours after you changed the Google account’s password which is synced with your device. Because of the security reasons, Android will not let you setting up your smartphone with a Google password that is newly changed by you.

Part 3: How to Deactivate FRP lock using Samsung Bypass Google Verify APK

In case you forget the Google account details after hard reset or factory reset, how you can bypass Google verification page without having the Google account details without much trouble? Luckily, some internet geeks have figured this out and they discovered ways to deactivate FRP lock using the Samsung bypass Google verify APK.

This is the first guide which can help you to remove FRP lock without using your computer, FRP bypass APK or even OTG cable. These are two easy ways that could help you to deactivate FRP lock. This can remove Google account verification on Samsung Galaxy, Huawei, HTC, LG, Alcatel, and Nexus and so on.

MUST READ: Google keeps covering security issues in Android system with the new updates, these FRP deactivation guides may not work on latest and updated Android versions such as Oreo 8.0.

Therefore, the Android system is modified by manufacturers on different devices like: (Samsung Galaxy, Huawei, Sony Xperia, OnePlus etc.). That’s the reason FRP bypass tutorials don’t work as same on all Android devices, every android phone has its own way of security. So, you must keep on trying different methods if one doesn’t work for you.

Method 1: FRP Bypass and Remove Google Account Verification via OEM Unlocking:

Step 1 If you encounter the Google account verify page which wants you to submit the details of the Google account which was previously added to the device, press long on the @ key on the keyboard of your device, until you see a window pops up on the screen of your phone.

Step 2 Click on “Google Keyboard Settings” into the pop-up window on the screen.

Step 3 Tap on the three dot on the upper right of your screen and select “Help & Feedback” option. Choose a random item and long press on screen to copy the text from it. At this stage, a web search icon will appear on the upper right corner. Tap on the web search icon and then type “Settings” on the search bar appeared.

Step 4 This will give access to the “Settings” app of your device. Now, Go to “Developer Options” (in case this option does not appear in the list, tap 7 times on “Build Number” to pull out “Developer Options”) and then you can allow “OEM Unlocking“.

Step 5 Press power button to reboot your device. Now at the step of setting up your phone, instead of the FRP lock or Google account verify page, the “Add your account” page will appear. From this step, you can easily add a new Google account and once again you can get access to your device completely without even using the Samsung bypass google verify APK.

Method 2: FRP bypass using Reset option from the Settings

Step 1 At Google account verify page, return to choose WiFi Network page and add a new WiFi network to the list.

Step 2 Here, just type a random phrase on Network SSID section. Then long press the phrase and select Share option.

Step 3 At this pop-up screen, press long on Gmail and this will let you see the Gmail’s App information. Select Notification > and then tap on App Settings.

Step 4 Click on the three dots icon, then select Manage Account option. The below notification will appear. Just click on Continue to enter the Settings of your device.

Step 5 Inside the Settings, select Backup & Reset and then > Factory data reset. The Factory data reset process will delete the FRP lock and previously synced Google Account from your phone.

Part 4: Use Samsung Bypass Google verify APK to Bypass Google Account Lock

In case, the other 3 guides doesn’t help you in removing FRP lock, you can use “Samsung Bypass Google Verify APK” to deactivate Google account verification or FRP lock. Luckily, we have many FRP bypass APK created to bypass FRP lock from Samsung Galaxy, Huawei, HTC, LG, Nexus and more. Generally, all the Samsung bypass Google verify APK will help you to delete Google account verification lock in the following given steps.

Step 1 Download the Samsung bypass google verify APK, and put it into the USB drive.

Download APK

Step 2 Use OTG cable to connect your phone and the USB drive together.

Step 3 Now you can easily locate and install the downloaded apk into your phone. Once you installed the Samsung bypass google verify apk, you will get access to the device settings and you can perform a factory reset this will delete everything including previously added Google account details from your smartphone or tablet.

Tip: Don’t have an OTG cable? Don’t worry you can still bypass FRP lock using a FRP bypass tool into your computer.



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